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Hello! I adored your game, it was brilliantly written and had a gorgeous art style! The story had me hooked from the start and I loved the characters and their humour and that ending! Holy cow it took me by surprise! Please, please finish this game, I need more of it in my life!! Until then I made a let's play of your game here~

When will there be more? I want to know what happened to Elora and who the figure is! (read both endings)

Pretty nice! Liked it a lot!

# Feedback #

## Backgrounds ##
Fitting, but editing them to fit in with whatever the story currently tells us would really help.

## Drawings ##
Just need color, otherwise well done!

## Animations ##
"Eating with Elora" :-D

## Story ##
Pretty well, done! A pleasure to read. Very entertaining!
### Endings ###
"red" ending: Felt somewhat uninspired: *bla* *bla* *bla* **Your end!**
"toe" ending: HILARIOUS, laughed the whole time! :-) Very well done! :-P

Wow I wasn't expecting feedback, but I really appreciate it so thank you much!!

I get what you mean about the backgrounds. I'll have more flexibility when it comes to changing backgrounds as the story progresses... at least that's what I'm hoping.

The character portraits are actually going to stay black and white for a majority of the VN. I know it sounds like a lazy excuse me on my end, but there's a story reason why they are uncolored, and there will be a point in the story where they will have color lol.

I can see why you think the bad end is uninspired, but hopefully you can see it in a new light once more of the story comes out, as the rest of the story heavily draws from the bad end.

I'm also amazed so many people who've read this like the toe ending this was a mistake.